The Project…


In April 2011, three families got together to offer their children an alternative education from the established one (the traditional one).

They started with what they called “madres rotativas” (“rotative mothers”). Each morning, the three children got together in a different house/family: on Mondays in one house, On Tuesdays in another one, and so on.

Little by little, more and more people got interested in the project, including teachers who did not believe in the traditional education. Then somebody lent them a house in Fuentelfresno (Soria) and they started to build what we know today as “PAPOULA” School.

At the same time all this was happening, they started training themselves visiting similar projects in other places, learning about the sociopedagogic basis of the free school and learning from important educational authors such as Montessori, Maturana, Piaget, Freire and other ones…

Then more and more families joined them, and the project itself was growing and growing… but what was the main problem they started to face? Money. In order to solve this problem, they created what is known as CROWDFUNDING. A lot of motivation and interest made them create their website, find new educational material and search for a name for their project: PAPOULA (RED POPPY).

What do the children do?

-They are themselves

-They express their own feelings

-They solve their conflicts

-They help each other

-They are autonomous in their activities, in and out of the school

-They climb up, they play in the water, in the river, they discover nature in the nature, sometimes they do trips, and many other things THEY decide to do.

What do the adults do?

-They are with the kids in this inner process of discovering, accompanying them, helping them, preparing the spaces and places, giving them the necessary materials, offering them security and self-confidence, controlling security and ORGANISING.