Once we arrived at the nursery school, the big group was divided into 5 small groups in order to see the classrooms in a more dynamic way. We were able to observe 2 year-old children classes for children and daily routines:
– Song of the Week
– Song of the face.
– They talked about autumn and what happens along this season.
– Through cards (photo and name of child) they took attendance so they could see whether any child was missing.
– They passed bits of different foods (1st course, 2nd dishes and desserts) then the cook came passing the menu and the teacher took up the bits or cards that children were going to have.
– Children listened to songs in English, as they are working in an extracurricular lesson of English with “kids and us” Company.
– Then they went to the tables to do some handcrafts and they fullfilled some worksheets about `The Family´, topic they were working on at that time in the textbook.

We were then taken to a multipurpose room where the headmaster showed us a power point in which we were able to see how the nursery works daily, festivities children celebrate through photos, collaboration of parents  and work done with `the traveler book´, activity in which there is a great collaboration of each and every pupil and their families. This book travels from one family to another each week. The parents and the kids are able to see what other families have done before and they complete the book adding pictures  and comments about themselves so that other families can also know them a bit more. They use ´scrapbooking´for this activity and at the end of the course-year the result is a beautiful book fulfilled by everybody!